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I would like to commend your staff on their excellent customer service skills, and in particular, Anja O’Connor... Anja spent time with me looking over the jewellery I had with me, and while none of the pieces I brought had great value, she gave me ideas for repurposing a number of the pieces which weren’t particularly my style. Anja took the time to draw out some of what she was thinking, and what pieces could be made from the jewels and semi-precious stones... I will definitely come back to your shop, and when I decide what I will be doing with the jewellery I have, be sure that I will come to you for any custom jewellery... The customer service I experienced yesterday was the best service I have received in the 6 years I have lived in Australia.
— Amy (email) 19th September 2018
Stumbled across this wonderful gallery & people several years ago, since then we visit everytime we are in Melbourne.
We had Alister design & make, engagement & wedding rings as well as remake an heirloom ring. ALL turned out superbly, always a joy to visit & catch up with beautiful people.
— Gavin (google business)
Impressive engagement ring service. Delighted with my bespoke, hand-crafted ring. From the first consultation, throughout the design process to end product - I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
— Robyn (google business) 18th September
I’ve just picked up a ring made by Gray Reid Gallery. Thank you Alister and team, terrific design, service, attention and care. I highly recommend this gallery. Five stars.
— Boris (facebook) 7th August 2018
What a beautiful store where the service and product are amazing. I have bought some beautiful pieces here and had some beautiful rings both remodelled and made from scratch. The most recent being my stunning diamond ring with matching diamond bands. Gareth, Alistair and Alexander are such professionals in all aspects of the purchasing and design process. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you Gray Reid Gallery.
— Gill (facebook) 17th March 2018
This place has got to have the most amazingly eclectic collection of jewellery and other fabulous ‘stuff’ under one roof in Melbourne. Do yourself a favour when next in Collins St, head up the stairs to the gallery and explore the ‘cabinet of curiosities’ at the far end of the room. Every time I pop in, I find something there to be amazed at - and to covet!
— Liz (facebook) 11th January 2017
Dear Gareth at Gray Reid, thank you so much for your help in choosing my partners mothers 60th birthday earrings. They were such a hit, she loved them! I really appreciated your help, time, guidance and advice in selecting them and the lovely little packaging you wrapped them up in. It felt like a really special experience choosing them and i think she knew what love and care went into the gift when she opened it. Thanks heaps and hope to see you again soon - I’ve told me partner all about the gallery and the selection of rings you have, so i am hoping he will get the hint and come and visit you soon on his own!
— Jackie (facebook) 7th January 2017
Working with Gareth and the team at Gray Reid Gallery on our engagement and wedding rings was such a pleasurable experience. The level of service is nothing short of exemplary. Working over months with Gareth we designed an engagement ring that exceeded even the expectations I held. At every juncture Gareth and the team were able to guide me through the process while educating me on the intricate history of antique designs. When it came to building wedding rings there really was no decision to be made. Again the rings we forged were outstanding; timeless in their design we now have heirlooms that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
— Ryan (facebook) 8th January 2017
I recently visited Gray Reid gallery to have my engagement ring resized, passed down by my fiancé’s grandmother. Alistair and Gareth were fantastic and very knowledgeable providing very interesting information about the piece. The ring is now resized and has a renewed life thanks to their amazing efforts restoring this piece. They took a lot of care and were very considerate in regards to the importance of this piece. Thank you so much! What amazing pieces of fine jewellery you have also, I really enjoyed looking at them. Will be back soon.
— Shirley (facebook) 26th July 2017
I often refer friends and family to Gray Reid Gallery when they want to celebrate the milestones of life and get a little piece (or a lot of) luxury. They consistently deliver exceptional service, intricate design, impart jewelry knowledge and most importantly - offer quality diamonds, gem stones and precious metals. I have attended weddings where staff members have been personally thanked (publicly at the reception), baby showers where ‘push presents’ are adored by mothers-to-be and her guests and birthdays/anniversaries where families and friends celebrate with their new pieces. If your a collector, buyer or looking for advice or a an evaluation, I highly recommend the team at Gray Reid Gallery and the Australian gold and silversmith craftsmen/women they represent.
— David, (facebook) 12th November 2015
Dear Alister, Gareth and Staff.
What a delightful evening we spent with you in your beautiful Gallery. It must be one of the most perfect spaces in Melbourne. Thank you for inviting us to your Christmas party. It was a pleasure to meet the other pembers of staff as well - the jewellers who create their magic off-stage and give us so much pleasure.
— Ruth, 22nd of December 2016
I have never experienced a more professional service! I came in with my mother in laws precious engagement ring that she left my daughter and I wanted to have it re-set into a contemporary yet classic ring. Gareth worked with me to design the ring that would accentuate the beautiful blue sapphire. He was so attentive and patient to my suggestions! I also wanted to have my engagement ring re-set too, and again he knew exactly what I wanted! When I came in to pick my rings up I actually squealed with joy as I was so overwhelmed with the amazing quality of the rings! I absolutely love them!! The fact that the jewellery makers are on site, it filled me with trust and it also meant my rings didn’t take weeks and weeks to make! I’m one VERY happy and lucky customer!! I will be recommending Gray Reid Gallery to all my friends!
— Sue, November 2016

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy I am with my updated engagement ring - it is most sparkly and wonderful and fits well.

The service you offer is second to none, I really appreciate the extra time you take to make people feel special. I know my girlfriend was also pleased with her experience and outcome.
— Annette, August 2016

Thank you so much to Gareth and Gray Reid Gallery for helping to craft two magnificent rings in loving memory of our mum. Mu sister and I could not be more thrilled with our pieces. We felt so welcome and looked after. Thank you
— Caitlin, November 2015

My fiance bought my engagement ring from Gray Reid Gallery and it is such an elegant piece, I love it so much! Alex was very helpful when it came for my fiance to pick a design and to understand which type of diamond and setting was best. When it came to picking our wedding rings, they made them perfectly! We are so happy with the service and pieces that we will treasure forever Thank you very much, Gray Reid!
— Kat, April 2015 - Facebook

The ring is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Thank you so much. It really is a fabulous piece! Really special. I am proud to own in and am very grateful for all your time and patience in getting it right.
— Belinda, March 2015


The ring is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Thank you so much. It really is a fabulous piece! Really special. I am proud to own it am and very grateful for all your time and patience in getting it right.
— Belinda, March 2015

When I inherited my mother’s engagement ring, I wanted to restore it to its original glory. I had no design, just my memory. Alister Reid seemed to understand intuitively what I wanted. We looked at examples and gradually refined the setting design. Then I waited with heart in my mouth to see what it would like like in reality. When Alister opened the box, I was stunned at the exquisite ring he and his team had created for me. A year later, I am still getting compliments on my gorgeous ring. Not only that, it is a joy to visit with Alister and his team. Cannot recommend this company too highly.
— Kim Power President, The Sunflower Foundation (Australia) Inc.

The quality of craftsmanship, sense of style and service is exceptional!
— Tiyana, October 2014 - Facebook

Recently I was lucky enough to be given an incredibly beautiful, 100 year old diamond by my husband-to-be and his family. The diamond is a family heirloom and as you could imagine extremely precious to us all. To know Alister Reid was creating my engagement ring, I knew the diamond was in the very best hands possible. I have never seen anything more exquisite than the ring that Alister created. I will continue to recommend Alister to everyone I know, I can’t thank you enough.
— Katie

I’d like to think jewellery is in my genes. My mother loved baubles & when she passed away several years ago, she left me an extensive collection. Her beautiful filigree engagement and eternity rings, testament to the beautiful craftsmanship of the 1940s, are unchanged to this day, but a great many of her other pieces looked dated, tired & weren’t my style. They remained in her velvet jewellery box, unworn, until I was lucky enough to be introduced to Alister Reid. Despite being captivated by all things sparkly, I was often intimidated at the prospect of entering a jewellery store. I didn’t want a sales person, I wanted someone to talk through ideas with, to collaborate with, to create a piece that reflected my style & taste, Alister immediately got me. That was 16 years ago. Since then, Gray Reid Gallery has become my family’s jeweller & I’ve had no hesitation in recommending Alister & his team to countless friends. No job has been too small.
— A Grateful Client, June 2013

Be still my beating heart.
This little gallery is like a modern treasure trove out of Arabian Nights.
Luxurious and exciting, the experience of stepping into this gallery is simply divine.
Cabinets laden with necklaces, rings, antique canes, precious stones and works of art will catch your eye.
Beautiful, bold and stylish pieces are everywhere whether it be an antique broach and pocket watch or a modern and edgy ring or collar.
It’s overwhelming at first and you may need to sit down and catch your breath.

Take it all in, breath deeply and continue to explore the collection.
On a recent visit I was fortunate enough to view and purchase a couple of items from the Egyptian collection.
Silversmiths and designers created unique items inspired by the current Egyptian exhibition at the Melbourne museum.
The cross over between art and fashion was incredible and eye opening.
Chunks of lapis lazuli and strands of sliver with images of Egyptian gods featured heavily. It was almost as impressive as the actual museum collection.
The service is flawless and really makes the experience phenomenal. Knowledgeable, charming but not overwhelming the staff are a pleasure to be around and talk to.
Services include restoration, engraving, valuations and more.
— Celia M. October 2011 - Yelp

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