Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson has had a love for gemstones since he was a child. After studying Fine Art majoring in sculpture, a 2 year diploma in gemmology course (the scientific study of gemstones) and later multiple metal casting courses he began designing jewellery focusing on unique bead necklaces and rings inspired by his travels throughout India, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.

“For me it has always been about gemstones and colour. I love the colours that nature creates and I always felt so inspired by the vibrant shades which can be seen all over India and the Silk Road. I like to think my work incorporates bright coloured natural gemstones with classic but unique and global designs.”

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Alexander now lives between Melbourne and Jaipur where he works with local artisans and sources materials for his unique designs and private clients. Visually stimulating and equally inspiring, Jaipur is a large gemstone processing city. To see what a day in Alexander’s life is like click here for a 1 minute preview.


Telephone: 03.9650.7700

Location: 156 Collins St Melbourne Australia