EVENT: Alister Reid Speaks on The Beauty of Organic Gems

Gray Reid Gallery
is hosting a new series of
intimate and informative talks concerning
gems, jewels and objet d’art,
celebrating the Art of Jewellery. For the month of July we will be celebrating Organic Gems.

Although most gemstones are mineral materials, a number of organic materials are also considered to be gemstones. The most common of these are bone, amber, pearl, coral, jet, and ivory. These are materials, produced by organisms, that have been cut into gems and other ornamental objects. At this exhibition you can view a variety of ways these materials have been used for jewellery throughout history.

Gray Reid Gallery sells both new and vintage organic gemstone jewellery. We also offer a complete restoration service and redesign service of your organic jewellery as well as pearl cleaning and pearl threading at our Collins Street Melbourne boutique. To read more about our inhouse jewellery services click here.

Join us for a pleasant evening exploring 'The World of Organic Gemstones'. Enjoy hearing about a wide variety of organic gemstones, and their use throughout the centuries. Thursday 4th July 2019 5 - 6:30pm

Places are limited to 12 people maximum, to ensure the comfort of our guests. Please RSVP with email, providing your contact details at by following the link here.

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