Frequently Asked questions

·       Gift Certificates, gift wrapping and Lay-by policy:

Gift certificates are available. Please drop in or telephone, and we can arrange delivery to the special recipient. Gray Reid also offers a Sterling Silver treasure token engraved as you request which can be spent for the amount designated. Inclusive of good or services provided at Gray Reid Gallery.

Our lay-by terms require a 20% deposit and collections within 8 weeks or by prior agreement.


·       Warranty:

 Your jewellery is precious not indestructible. It is possible to unintentionally damage a piece and all pieces require care and maintenance. It is important to be aware of your jewellery when you are wearing it and choose pieces that are appropriate for your lifestyle. We recommend removing all your jewellery at the end of the day, playing sports, gardening & house work.

If a piece is damaged please bring it into the Gallery and we can review the damage and possible cause. For jewellery made by Gray Reid Gallery and the fault is due to our workmanship we will repair the article at no cost. If the piece is damaged in a way beyond our control we will repair at a reduced cost as a sign of goodwill.

For our Antique, Vintage and Estate jewellery it sold in an as is condition.

We recommend that you bring in your jewellery every 12 months to be inspected, this is a complimentary service we provide to all our customers that entrust us as their Jeweller.

·       Repairs and resizing:

Repairs are undertaken by skilled craftsmen and women in the Gray Reid Gallery workshops. Charges begin at $120 inclusive of GST which should cover the cost of simple re-sizing of a gem set gold ring or the re-stringing of a single row of uniform pearls. Gray Reid Gallery also specialise in remodelling of your old jewellery.

We provide a complimentary quote on all enquires upon inspection.


·       Do you purchase Jewellery and Antiques?

Gray Reid Gallery is a licensed second hand dealer. We purchase and also take pieces (Jewellery, gold and Object d’Art) on consignment If we feel they would work in our collection.

We are constantly sourcing old art, original antique jewellery, transition and modern diamonds and coloured gems.


·       Do you sell loose Gems for jewellery?

We hand craft your engagement, wedding and celebration pieces. We are also able to source and sell loose gems which you might want to give just as a gift, to be made into something later or used to replace a missing gemstone in existing jewellery. We are able to source loose coloured gems as well as diamonds and pearls.

Make and an appointment to discuss the style time frame and budget.


·       Are your diamonds both certified and conflict free?

All of our modern diamonds are via the Kimberly Process and do not fund conflict.

Diamond mined prior to the mid 20th Century, are also considered to be conflict free. For more on information on conflict diamonds and what the Kimberly Process does click here

Diamond mined prior to the mid 20th Century, are also considered non-conflict. We also represent the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and the other independent jewellers from Australia and New Zealand.


·       How often do you get new articles?

We are constantly adding to our stock both by acquisition and making. If there is a particular want, email a request and we can inform you when a piece arrives.


·       Caring for your pieces:

We offer complimentary check and cleaning service to our clients.

Jewellery does require care depending on the condition, make and material. Ammonia based cleaners are suitable for most crystalline gems.

Care involves storing the jewellery separately so that they do not rub against each other. For a quick clean use a lint free cloth. Settings should be checked regularly and serviced once a year. If in doubt, always ask!


·       Are you members of any Professional organisations?

Gold and Silversmith Guild of Australia

The Jewellers Association of Australia.

We are Licensed Second Hand Dealers.


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